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Brows of Arabia

24K Gold Brow Serum, 64.99

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ManufacturerLes Noblesses
Description Product Description:

Condition sparse brows with our one of a kind blend of Arabian oils and gold. You'll love our Organic and Paraben free Ancient Arabian Blend. We took a look back in time - Nefertiti was known for her beautiful eyes! Cleopatra was known for her captivating beauty! Well what did they use to enhance their beauty in ancient times? Our Ancient Arabian Blend gives you the answer - Our blend uses the same ingredients proven to work over thousands of years! We're revealing the secret - improve the health of your lashes and condition them with our organic ingredients! Not only does our product work on eyelash conditioning but the 24 karat gold and vitamin E help prolongue and reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet that we all hate! Toss out those harmful chemicals - who needs them?!

Our double action organic and natural blends work just as well! BEST OF ALL-- you can treat yourself like royalty did and enjoy the 24 karat gold that makes this product luxurious in all aspects! Use consistently and notice the results! Volumous, Stronger, Longer, and Thicker lashes and more youthful and vibrant eyes!

Try our organic eyelash serum (Lashes of Arabia) too to parallel the fabulous results on your eyebrows! Let the window to your soul be unique and stand out.

net wt: 7.5 ml

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